Nigel Richard St John Warren
Closest Place:Hell, I suppose
Partner:I'm married...I thought 'partners' is a term for 'poofters'. Bride: Liza
University:Do I need one still? Oh dear! Burch's University Campus, Naivasha
Degree:The psychology, problems, preferences, pervertions, pains, pleasures and progress of young Brit (and Yank!) adults
Ambition:To turn into a humungus cockroach and haunt AVs
Kenyan School:Too sodding many!
Favourite Kenyan Food:Ugali and sukuma-wki, with a dribble of gravy
Sitdown loo?Yes
Running water?Yes
Hot water?Yes
Hardcore Rating:Immeasurable, but try (have to!) to sink to hugely lower depths of depravity when immersed into AV company